HTML in Ninja Tables

First, Ninja tables (the free version) allows for a WYSIWYG field:

This is great so that clients don’t have to edit the HTML.

But, if you have a large table with a lot of links and you want to import it, you need a way to have the HTML show up in a tabular format.

This is how I have done this.

  1. Copy the table code into a text editor.
  2. Change all of the non-table related < to &lt; and all of the > to &gt;
    • If there isn’t a lot of code within the table, you can try just converting specific tags.
    • If there is a lot of HTML within the table, do a search and replace for all < and > and then just convert back the table specific tags – table, tr, td, th. thead and tbody can probably be removed. At the end of the day you end up with an HTML table that, when viewed in a browser, shows the HTML within each cell instead of showing the actual formatting.
  3. With the table open in the browser, copy it and paste it into a google sheet.
  4. Export the google sheet as a csv.
  5. Import the CSV into ninja tables.

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