Capturing Post Data With Gravity Forms

Before you proceed, create the post type and ALL of the fields that will be fed from the form. Then, create a post and POPULATE all of the fields. Gravity forms won’t see the fields until there is a post with data in each field.

After you have the post type and the custom fields you can take Gravity For data and turn it into custom posts using the gravity forms add-on Advanced Post Creation.

When you create the form, instead of using regular fields, you would use post fields. You can use the custom field form for most things, and once you insert it you have a choice of field type:

This is different than using regular fields where you choose the type first. You then have a place to choose the custom field name (that you already created in toolset types) in the dropdown:

Once you create your form and map each field to a custom field, you create a feed from the form under Settings > Post Creation for the form and map all the fields again. Why? I don’t know.


While you are there you set the post type, and also the status. It’s ideal to set the post status to draft, so that it can be moderated before being displayed. You may want to edit the email confirmation to the client to tell them to go and review any draft posts that need publishing.

But one of the things you need to do there is to define the post body. In many cases, you won’t display the post body for a custom post type at all, but this is a great place to dump the content from the form fields, because the TEXT SEARCH in toolset searches post title and body but not custom fields. So by dumping the content into the post body you are giving the text search all of the content of the custom fields for search purposes.

Note: You do not need Gravity Wiz to make any of this work. Note from Gravity Wiz developer: If you’re using the Advanced Post Creation add-on, you don’t need to use the Post Fields on the form. Just use whatever regular field types you need and then map those fields via the Advanced Post Creation feed. The Post Fields are available in core Gravity Forms for folks who aren’t doing more advanced post creation.

Need to revisit this article with refined workflows distinguishing the Post fields route from the Advanced Post Creation feed route.

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