Miscellaneous tips: when you solve a problem, you’ll need to remember was easy to solve and how, or to communicate that info to other Minnows


  • How to exclude custom post types from search
  • Issue when toolset layout applied and content from a page disappears


  • How to reorder employees in Jupiter
    Rev Slider
  • How to think about positioning in Rev Slider (kristin)
  • Tips for working with SVGs
  • WPML?
  • Elementor
    • Using Elementor templates, EACH USER would have to be logged in to the Elementor site, meaning that we would need to log into WordPress as the user and then from there connect to Elementor. At least that’s the case if you are doing it from the edit screen while trying to add an Elementor template. I had logged in on my user on prairie and could use the templates no problem, but when Mel tried on her use ir kept asking her to log in.

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