How to apply new colors to existing forms in Forminator

When you edit the default colors in Forminator (WordPress Dashboard → Forminator → Settings → Appearance Presets), those colors will be automatically applied to any new form that you create. But existing forms will keep their current colors.

But don’t panic, you don’t need to apply all those dozens of colors to each form. Once you saved your new colors on the Appearance Presets section, go to Forminator → Forms and apply the following steps to any form where you want to apply the new colors (unfortunately, there’s no way to do this to all forms in bulk, but at least you won’t need to apply each color to each form, that will definitely save you a lot of time):

  1. Click on the gear icon of the form row, next to the Edit button with a pencil.
  2. Click on the Apply Preset button in the dropdown that will appear.
  3. Select Default Preset.
  4. Click on Apply Preset.

And that’s it! Repeat on any other form where you want to apply the new set of colors.

Note: You could also create a new preset in the Appearance Presets section, and apply it to the existing forms, but that present wouldn’t be applied to new forms by default.

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