Rocket Dog Rescue

Rocket Dog Rescue

MIGHTYminnow has had a long term relationship with Rocket Dog Rescue, having coded the last three versions of their site and provided them with ongoing support for many years. Rocket Dog Rescue also holds a special place in our hearts: it is a fantastic organization doing amazing work, and we’re proud to support their cause.

For this latest website redesign, we focused on responsivizing their site and making it is as easy as possible for the busy Rocket Dog Rescue volunteers to make updates and edits. Well, that’s how it started at least. . .

What began as a basic responsivizing effort quickly turned into a full-fledged redesign. Heck, if we were going to improve their site, why not go all out? We redesigned the entire site layout, integrated RDR’s adorable custom animated header, added font icons to improve the user interface, incorporated loads of new CSS3 features – the list goes on.

Furthermore, we created a new doggy database from the ground up, allowing users to easily search for the perfect dog based a number of different criteria. We also set up custom functionality to auto-generate adopt, foster, and donate (integrated with PayPal) links on a per-dog basis, so the folks at Rocket Dog Rescue don’t have to get their hands dirty with any of the code. We also took their downloadable PDF forms and integrated them directly into the site, complete with input validation, improving the overall experience for potential adopters and foster families.

All told, we put over 200 hours into this pro bono project, and we loved every minute of it.

MIGHTYminnow completely transformed the Rocket Dog Rescue website! We started out just wanting to make our site work on mobile devices, but they did so much more. Kristin and her colleagues created and implemented a beautiful new design for the site, and set up the back-end so that it’s really easy for us to make edits with no code knowledge whatsoever. Since the redesign, we’ve seen a substantial increase in dog adoptions and general engagement on the site. It’s clear that the changes MIGHTYminnow implemented have had a significant positive impact for our organization’s online presence.

Jamie Boust
Rocket Dog Rescue


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