SF Department of Public Health

The Disease Prevention and Control Branch (DPC) is part of the Population Health Division of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. DPC protects the health of San Francisco residents and visitors through public health clinics, the Public Health Laboratory, and the communicable disease prevention physician team.

MIGHTYminnow worked with SFCDCP to architect, design and develop a new website. The SFCDCP team required that the site be very easy to update to ensure that the variety of information and content they distribute to the public and healthcare professionals is always accurate. The site was developed with several custom content types to allow for the seamless publishing of specialized content such as public health alerts. Additionally, we created a series of templates so that the team could easily extend the site as needed.

The new website is light, modern, easy to navigate and an excellent publishing tool for the SFCDCP team.

Thank you! You and Kristin have both been wonderful to work with and I’m so thrilled to share our new site with everyone!

Erin M. Bachus, MPH
Health Education Manager for Disease Prevention & Control


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