Independent Living Resource Center

MIGHTYminnow prides itself on building beautiful websites that are accessible to anyone visiting. We make websites that work on phones, on tablets, in web browsers and also in screen readers and other assistive technology devices.

When we were approached by the Independent Living Resource Center – a disability rights advocacy and support organization – to redesign and rebuild their website, we knew that accessibility for ALL users would be key, and that we had the skills to create a website that would work for everyone.

As well as being fully accessible to screen readers, ILRCSF’s new site is responsive and adjusts to the width of the display being used to view it, improving usability for mobile phone and tablet visitors. The new ILRCSF site is a great resource for those living with disabilites, however they interact with the site.

Kristin Long at MIGHTYminnow has been wonderful to work with. The site she designed for us is beautiful, user-friendly, and completely accessible. She’s been extremely flexible and understanding regarding our need to get an enormous amount of work done in a short period of time, and hasn’t just done well, but done an excellent job. I feel that Kristin has been determined to make sure we have the best and most professional site possible. Her level of professionalism is so far above what we were willing to settle for, given the time restraints attached to this project. I highly recommend MIGHTYminnow – Kristin does beautiful work, is a very clear communicator, pays close attention to detail, provides great customer service, and is an excellent trainer, as well. Good to know that even a small not-for-profit can afford the best.

Independent Living Resource Center


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