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UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center

Throughout the world, approximately 27% of people speak English, 20% speak some form of Chinese, and 7% speak Spanish. The priority of the Diabetes Teaching Center’s website is to be able to get quality information about diabetes and diabetes management to as many people in the world as possible, and delivering the content in multiple languages is central to that mission. After designing and building two earlier versions of the DTC website over the years, MIGHTYminnow recently worked with the DTC team to develop a responsive, multi-lingual website that would be able to reach as many people as possible on as many different devices as possible in three of the world’s most spoken languages.

We managed the translations of both the Spanish and Chinese content, working closely with translators to interpret hundreds of pages of content and countless images graphs and charts to be language and culture appropriate for all of the site’s users. We also developed the site to adapt responsively to the width of the device the user is using, so that phone and tablet visitors can interact with the site in a way that is device appropriate, without having to pinch and zoom the page to read the content.

The website looks fabulous and the changes are details that just put it over the top! We are thrilled!! Thank you for making us look so good. We feel very lucky to have your help. THANK YOU!

Dr. Martha Nolte Kennedy
Medical Director, University of California Diabetes Teaching Center


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