Minnows at MAX

Kristin SpeakingFrom Monday May 6th through Wednesday May 8th, the MIGHTYminnow team moved operations to Los Angeles and, along with 5,000 other Adobe enthusiasts, attended Adobe’s annual conference. On Monday evening, Kristin gave her talk on faster theming of dynamic, CMS based sites in Dreamweaver. If you weren’t able to make it to the conference, the sessions were recorded and will be posted in the next few days. We attended as many sessions as we could, got caught up on all the new features Adobe will be implementing in their new Creative Cloud service, met so many new and awesome people, and had a ton of fun!

bashOn Tuesday, we got to see what was in the works at Adobe. They are coming up with some cool stuff, including some hardware, perspective warp, and some really cool ways to make debugging websites faster. Rainn Wilson hosted the Sneak Peaks along with Mary Lynn Rajskub. Erik Estrada from CHiPs even made an appearance! After the Sneaks was the MAX Bash. We had a ton of fun rocking out to The Black Keys, eating delicious fair food, and watching circus clowns and acrobats.

pigWednesday morning brought out pranks from Tuesday night, including a new friend Kristin made at the party. Apparently this flying pig needed a place to crash for the night. Wednesday was also jam packed full of sessions and saying goodbye to newly made friends. After the conference, we rushed to the airport to catch our flight back home, although it was delayed about three hours.

chalkboardThis conference was a great opportunity to learn from community leaders and network with professionals around the world. Hopefully we were able to leave our mark too.

Our Modular Office

room arrangementWe love our office. Not just the location, the building, and its staff; but our office itself. Thankfully, Kristin had the foresight to make sure all of our desks were on wheels. We can do so much with the layout of our office because of the wonderful invention of wheels. When we have classes, we arrange the desks like a classroom, facing the front of the room and our whiteboards and giant projection screen. When we have staff meetings, we can quickly turn the desks to face each other for easy discussion.

We also rent out our space frequently for board meetings for non profits whose conference rooms are too small, or for workshops where the activities vary and they need to move the desks around during the day. We find it very helpful to be able to arrange the room exactly the way our guests want. If you are interested in using our space, be sure to send us an email!

ping pongThese wheeled desks come especially in handy when we feel like putting the desks together and playing a little ping pong, or clearing them away for some office basketball! Let’s face it, we can’t work all the time; that would just be exhausting. Be on the lookout for upcoming ping pong tournaments in our rec room/office, just be warned that we are very competitive!

Company Christmas Party Part 2

Oh. My. Goodness. I am going to try my hardest describe how amazing the food and company of our Christmas Party was, but I will not do it justice. MIGHTYminnow’s first annual company Christmas party was hosted by the wonderful Jenny Schwartz and Kyle Itani at Hopscotch. We planned the party just in time too, as they just received an outstanding review in the San Francisco Chronicle by Michael Bauer.

groupWhen we arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff and our very own MIGHTYminnow menu that outlined the evening’s courses. The first round was potato chips and sauce served with a citrusy cocktail named after our very own company!

menuMm drink

After the chips, we had grilled eggplant with miso dressing, then Agedashi Dofu with a paired sake. There is no picture of the eggplant because it was eaten too quickly, and the picture of the tofu is half eaten because it was so appetizing, I forgot to capture it until it was mostly gone. The salad, which was raved about in Mr. Bauer’s review, was everything it was made out to be.

saladThe food and drinks kept coming, and the party continued to become merrier and merrier as we all got to know each other and become closer. Not everyone that works for MIGHTYminnow works in our office in Oakland. It was the first time many of us had met face-to-face, and we had a lot of catching up to do!

Finally, the main course came out, which was either Fried Chicken or Striped Bass. Both were devoured by everyone at the table.fish


Dessert was just as delicious as the rest of the meal and was served family style with bite sized macaroons, brownies, pumpkin mouse, and chocolate mouse. This relaxed and cozy evening could not have ended on a better note. It was the perfect way to end the year and gave the company the spirit it needs to start 2013 off right.


Company Christmas Party Part 1

Party at MIGHTYminnowMIGHTYminnow is host to a Meetup Group called Bay Area Web Freelancers. As many freelancers know, being a freelancer has a lot of perks like setting your own schedule and working in your pajamas at home. Unfortunately, being a freelancer makes it pretty hard to have a company Holiday party, so we decided to hold one for everyone who didn’t have their own party to attend.

The party was full of great food, drink, company, and entertainment. More than just web freelancers attended and many were able to get advise about their finances from a bookkeeper, health from a chiropractor, and caffeine from some coffee and chocolate experts.

ugly sweater contest winnerThe guys from Bittersweet stopped by and brought us some delicious treats from their cafe in our building. We had an ugly Christmas sweater contest, won by our very own Mickey; although Patch the dog came in a very close second. The prize was a classic Christmas Fruitcake make by some monks in Belgium.

We hosted a small White Elephant Gift Exchange with prizes like a glitter computer mouse, a coffee mug hotplate, and piggy bank that counts its change. Santa even stopped by at the end of the evening.

We all had a wonderful evening getting to know new people, and enjoying the company of other web experts that you just do not get very often as a freelancer.

Happy Holidays from MIGHTYminnow

About fifteen years ago, Kristin found a 1955 Pom Pom Aluminum Christmas tree at a Church sale. It was only a dollar and hidden under a table or else it would have been gone much sooner.

Tree BoxThis Christmas tree has added so much to the MIGHTYminnow office this season. As we have gone through such a life changing few months, it is a nostalgic reminder of the happiness and cheer the Holiday season brings.

paradeI have been hearing about this tree for a while now and was delighted to see Kristin come into work one morning with Christmas tree and decorations in hand. It could not have been a more pleasant day, as we watched Oakland’s America’s Children’s Holiday Parade, then spent the afternoon listening to Bing Crosby and rediscovering our Holiday Spirit.

decorating the treeThe tree, although not the classic green with multi-colored lights, is the perfect addition to our office. The turquoise tinsel matches the walls and the ornaments from the Museum of Modern Art adds the perfect burst of color to the tree. The next morning, as everyone on our floor walked past our office, we received constant smiles and compliments on the tree. Even our normally cross-seeming mail lady stopped to remember her similar Christmas tree from her childhood.

ornamentI am the lucky one in the office as I get to watch the tree bring a little cheer to these passersby and it reminds me to count my blessings that I get to work for such a great company and wonderful boss.


Join Us For Workshop Weekend

Photo curtesy of Workshop WeekendOn Novemeber 10th and 11th, MIGHTYminnow and other venues around Oakland will be hosting over 30 fun classes through Workshop Weekend. (Not to be confused with MIGHTYminnow’s Website Weekend). MIGHTYminnow will be hosting a few classes like physics, animation, and even a WordPress class! Other classes being taught include soap-making, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and programming. These are classes for all ages and interestes, so invite your friends and family and enjoy a weekend of fun and creativity! Visit Workshop Weekend’s website for more information and to register for classes.

For 25% off, use the coupon code MIGHTYMINNOW.

Now go find that one thing you’ve always wanted to learn and sign up before the class fills up!

Visit from Adobe Shadow / Edge Inspect Team!

Bruce Bowman, Kristin Long, Archna Panwar, Shawn McKay, Duane O’Brien

Had a super fun meeting/demo/lunch with Bruce Bowman and the Adobe Edge Inspect (aka Shadow) team! Thanks to them for the awesome tools they make for us, and for being so proactive in finding out what users (like us!) want and need from Adobe. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new tools coming down the pike. They are a great looking group – even if they aren’t perfectly in focus. Darn phone!

Visting Students @ Mm

Today we had the pleasure of entertaining some visiting students from Denmark’s Nordic Multimedia Academy (NOMA).

Kristin Long, Alec Reynolds, Andrew Ward, Eddie Monge Jr., Mickey Kay

We assembled some fantastic developers for the students to talk to, pictured above. Topics discussed included interviewing, hiring, staying marketable, freelancing, client relations, budgeting, contracts and continuing education.

It was a great time and the Danes left us with a souvenir ~ THE HOPTIMITST. He arrived in a lovely habitat.

And he was very excited to enjoy his new home at MIGHTYminnow.

The Hoptimist Mp4.

Thanks to Tim Ware from Hyperarts for setting it up.

Web Freelancers Meetup tonight, with free books from SitePoint!

Check out the awesome selection of books that we are giving away at tonights Bay Area Web Freelancers Meetup! Special thanks to The SitePoint network for contributing them! They have lots of cool businesses that would be of interest to freelancers:

We are looking to unite designers and developers tonight, so if you ARE a designer, or you want to MEET a designer, then come. You might get a free book!!!

Won’t let it change us…

Haley & Kristin at MIGHTYminnow Web Studio & School

Haley & Kristin at MIGHTYminnow Web Studio & School

MIGHTYminnow got a little press in Oakland Local, our local electronic rag. It has some fun info on our history as well as some good information on our plans going forward. Check it out!