Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano


We did a few versions of the Food Bank of Contra Costa of Solano’s website, first in Dreamweaver (for maintenance in Dreamweaver) and later converting it to WordPress (for even easier maintenance). The initial project involved refreshing (but not too dramatically changing) the FBCCS logo, creating a new website design and developing a new website.

FBCCS’s prior logo was feeling a bit stale and outdated, but it was painted on the side of trucks and FBCCS had used it widely, so we couldn’t throw it out.  Instead, we brought it up to date.

We also created a clean and pretty website design for them, which incorporated their new logo colors.

In both the Dreamweaver and WordPress versions of the website, we coded with an absolute emphasis on maintainability, and FBCCS maintains their own website with prolific updates to great effect.

MIGHTYminnow also managed the translation of the Food Bank website. In 2016 we seamlessly launched the Spanish version of the website, which can be easily edited and maintained by their existing WordPress content management system.

As I have already told Lisa and our team at the Food Bank… I am SUPER impressed with the work you, Lauren and others who work for you have done to design and get our new website ready. I just wanted to send a personal 1-1 note to you to say I continue to think your work is amazing and the way you handle meetings and our relations is something I admire a great deal.

Patty McDowel
Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano


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