Custom Design Projects

Dogs 4 Diabetics

This site is dear to our hearts as our graphic designer has one of these medical alert assistance dogs as her companion/protector. Dogs 4 Diabetics (D4D) came to us with the goal of creating a site with a complex set of features. To accommodate the large number of events D4D hosts, we implemented an events system to allow for events in different categories, public and private events, and RSVPs. D4D also wanted an area of the website that was private and password protected for specific users to access. We created an online application for those interested in getting a medical alert dog to be able apply online. In addition we implemented scalable type for low vision users so that all users can read the content at a size that is comfortable to them. Almost all of our sites are maintained successfully by our clients, but this client adds and maintains the content on a daily basis and does so with ease.

MIGHTYminnow worked with us to develop a new and exciting website to help us promote our non-profit to interested persons from around the world. It required a fairly detailed design, with multiple calendars for private and public use; an interactive application process; and the ability to promote multiple activities over the year. We were also interested in providing educational materials about our programs and the industry. All of our goals were all met, and we recieve complements on a regular basis as to our site’s functionality and transparency. MIGHTYminnow took me, a retired person, through the necessary training to maintain the content on the website. Having had no previous experience in this area, I easily make changes to the site, adding new content, events and advertising on a daily basis. Many thanks to MIGHTYminnow for teaching this old dog new tricks!

Ralph HendrixExecutive Director, Dogs for Diabetics, Inc.