Minnows at MAX

Kristin SpeakingFrom Monday May 6th through Wednesday May 8th, the MIGHTYminnow team moved operations to Los Angeles and, along with 5,000 other Adobe enthusiasts, attended Adobe’s annual conference. On Monday evening, Kristin gave her talk on faster theming of dynamic, CMS based sites in Dreamweaver. If you weren’t able to make it to the conference, the sessions were recorded and will be posted in the next few days. We attended as many sessions as we could, got caught up on all the new features Adobe will be implementing in their new Creative Cloud service, met so many new and awesome people, and had a ton of fun!

bashOn Tuesday, we got to see what was in the works at Adobe. They are coming up with some cool stuff, including some hardware, perspective warp, and some really cool ways to make debugging websites faster. Rainn Wilson hosted the Sneak Peaks along with Mary Lynn Rajskub. Erik Estrada from CHiPs even made an appearance! After the Sneaks was the MAX Bash. We had a ton of fun rocking out to The Black Keys, eating delicious fair food, and watching circus clowns and acrobats.

pigWednesday morning brought out pranks from Tuesday night, including a new friend Kristin made at the party. Apparently this flying pig needed a place to crash for the night. Wednesday was also jam packed full of sessions and saying goodbye to newly made friends. After the conference, we rushed to the airport to catch our flight back home, although it was delayed about three hours.

chalkboardThis conference was a great opportunity to learn from community leaders and network with professionals around the world. Hopefully we were able to leave our mark too.


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