Our Modular Office

room arrangementWe love our office. Not just the location, the building, and its staff; but our office itself. Thankfully, Kristin had the foresight to make sure all of our desks were on wheels. We can do so much with the layout of our office because of the wonderful invention of wheels. When we have classes, we arrange the desks like a classroom, facing the front of the room and our whiteboards and giant projection screen. When we have staff meetings, we can quickly turn the desks to face each other for easy discussion.

We also rent out our space frequently for board meetings for non profits whose conference rooms are too small, or for workshops where the activities vary and they need to move the desks around during the day. We find it very helpful to be able to arrange the room exactly the way our guests want. If you are interested in using our space, be sure to send us an email!

ping pongThese wheeled desks come especially in handy when we feel like putting the desks together and playing a little ping pong, or clearing them away for some office basketball! Let’s face it, we can’t work all the time; that would just be exhausting. Be on the lookout for upcoming ping pong tournaments in our rec room/office, just be warned that we are very competitive!


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