Life (and death) on the Web – A Lack of Artifacts

Working on our portfolio, we went back to look at some sites we worked on earlier in our careers – to see if they were still up and working and looking good.  To our surprise, several sites we made for one of our early and most prolific clients are gone.  Four beautiful sites we worked diligently on with a darling client and dear friend, all just disappeared.  Sadly these works are still relevant and of a historical and cultural benefit.  Sadder still, the woman we partnered with in their creation passed away earlier this year from a very unexpected cancer, very early in life.  In my mind those websites were a part of her legacy.  She worked just as diligently on them as we did; probably more so.

We were reading yesterday in A Book Apart’s Responsive Web Design book a reflection on how the web lacks the physical artifacts that are so pervasive and natural in the print industry.  We’ve always known this, but today this idea really came home to us when we realized that those works had vanished.  It may even be an accident that they were removed, and we hope they will be restored.  If not, I suppose we can dust off our backup drives and revisit them, but it is not the same.   And we want the world to be able to enjoy them…


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