Maintenance & Triage

We love building websites, and we do a great job of it. We also stand behind our work.


Not everyone works like we do ~ and sometimes we are approached by folks whose websites were built by someone else and that are broken or sub-optimal or even seem to be held together with scotch tape and bailing wire. Though we’d rather make those folks fancy, shiny new easy-to-maintain websites, sometimes that isn’t practical and something just needs to be fixed. We call this type of work “Triage”, and we do this type of work on an hourly basis. If you need triage, let us know.


We build websites that our clients can maintain, so we don’t do a lot of website maintenance. That said, sometimes a client doesn’t have anyone with the time to put into maintaining their website themselves, and they ask us to fill the gaps. If you find yourself in that position, or if you have a non MIGHTYminnow site you need help with, contact us.

GalenCo-Founder & Co-Executive Director, United Roots