Why WordPress?

At MIGHTYminnow we love WordPress for many reasons. If you’re debating building a new site or switching to WordPress, there are many reason we recommend the platform. WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), that is used by a staggering 35% of websites, and there’s a good reason for that, it’s user friendly, flexible and search engines love it.

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Easy to Use

WordPress is User Friendly

Our clients want to maintain their own websites. Since most of them write their own content, it makes sense for them just to add that content to their websites themselves. WordPress gives users the power to maintain their own websites and even build beautiful complex page layouts with ease.

Easy to Extend

WordPress is Adaptable

WordPress uses a plugin architecture that allows for developers all over the world to create and publish new features and designs for anyone to use. Open source (“free”) and premium (“paid”) plugins and themes allow WordPress users to quickly and (in most cases) simply, expand the functionality of their websites.

Easy to Optimize

WordPress is SEO Ready

WordPress has many SEO friendly features. WordPress makes it easy to use keyword rich URLs (called “permalinks”) and optimize page structure to encourage content indexing. WordPress plugins allow you to enhance your SEO through meta data and also connect your site to social media to foster sharing and encourage visitors. Analytics tools like Google Analytics integrate easily with WordPress.

Easy to Love

WordPress is Awesome

We use it and so do a TON of other people. It is a sound technology choice for most websites – either template based sites or custom designed sites – and there is a world of support available to WordPress website owners. You can use it for free, you can maintain your own site, and you can get up and running quickly. And if you need help getting started, fixing a problem, or making something beautiful, we can help. 

"MightyMinnow not only helped us think through the best ways to communicate with our community to build an effective and beautiful website, but they also empowered us with the tools to update the website with ease and accuracy! Thank you so much!"

Squarespace & Other Options

Taking all of the wonderful things about WordPress into consideration, we do know that it’s not for everyone. WordPress sites do require some technical maintenance and if you’re looking for a simple, “brochure” style option, we sometimes recommend Squarespace. We find that Squarespace is a great choice for very small businesses, and non-profits who want to get something presentable together quickly and on a very small budget. Check out a sampling of Squarespace sites by MIGHTYminnow


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