Website Weekend – Launch Your Site!


Jan 26 - Jan 27, 9:30am - 5:00pm

MIGHTYminnow Web School - Oakland, CA

Get your website live in a weekend!

Website Weekend is a unique offering for small businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants, nonprofits and freelancers.  The concept is simple ~ it is in response to feelings like these…

I can’t figure out how to get my own website up, its too hard, but when I asked a web person for help they told me that it would cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.  I don’t know what to do.

I set up a website using this free online tool from my web host, and its too basic and ugly.

So this class is a way for you to put up your own site, with professional help, in a cost effective way, at a time when you likely don’t have to be at your day job.  We do this using WordPress, choosing a desirable PRE-DESIGNED theme for your site, and building out the pages together.

What Website Weekend is:

  • A quick way to get a website live at a reasonable cost.
  • A way to utilize the wealth of open source themes, plugins, and website functionality without having to recreate the wheel (or pay someone else to do it).
  • A way to create a website that is easy to expand, upgrade and make mobile phone ready.
  • A fun group environment where you can connect with other entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • A way to get professional help from a seasoned veteran web developer at an affordable cost.

What it is not:

  • An exercise in graphic design, as we will be working from pre-designed templates.
  • A time to write your web content.  You should plan to write in advance of class, if possible, or to leave class with a site that is ready to fill with content.
  • A time to go live with an online store – though you could get your basic site up in class and work on the shopping part later.
  • A way to create a website that is 100% unique and unlike any other.
  • A one-to-one class where your website is the only one getting worked on.

Prior to coming to class:

  • Web hosting, we recommend Bluehost or Dreamhost (and they have a free account option for non-profits).
  • A domain name, pointed to your web hosting (you can get this for free if you pay for a year at Dreamhost).
  • A way to install wordpress on your server without a big delay that eats up class time.
  • Photos – if you want them on your site.  We will be working on galleries and inserting photos, so coming to class with a thumb drive full of images would be helpful.  Otherwise you will have to use placeholders and it leaves more work for you to do later.
  • Good computer skills.  This is a beginning website development class, not a beginning computer class.  If cut/copy/paste doesn’t sound familiar to you, or the idea of working with multiple windows open frightens you, you may want to take a basic computer class before attending.

Who this class is for:

  • Folks who want to get a website live quickly, efficiently, with professional help.
  • People who are beyond using a simple online tool that creates a very basic website and people but who don’t want (or want to pay for) high end custom graphic design and development.