How to edit an SVG size in Elementor

If you select an SVG when using the Image widget in Elementor and set a link, the SVG will automatically “disappear”.

But you can easily fix this:

1) Add the following CSS to the Custom CSS setting of the widget:
					selector a{
    display: block;

2) Set the width of the clickable area (optional).
While you are editing the widget, you will notice that it is displayed with a pink outline. That’s the area that will be clickable by the user. You will notice that it 100% of the column.
You can change this size on Advanced → Layout → Width.
Default: will make the clickable area 100% of the column width (most of the times).
Full width: this will force it to be 100% of the column width.
Inline (auto): It will match the size that you select for the image under Style → Width. I recommend to use this, except if you will use percentages for the image width.
Custom: Advanced settings.
3) Set the width of the actual image.
– If you use a percentage, it will be based on the size of the clickable area. For example, 50% will show the image at the half of the total clickable area.
– If you use PX, it will honor those pixels exactly.
– If you set the width of the clickable area to Inline (auto), setting this to a percentage will make the image disappear.
– If you don’t set any value on the width, Elementor will set it to 48px by default.

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