Our Classes are AWESOME ~ Satisfaction Guaranteed

This would never happen, but if you took a class from us and you found it to be unsatisfactory for any reason, you could excuse yourself on the first day over the morning break or at lunch. In this case, you would receive a full refund for the class. If you come back after lunch and finish out the day or come back for a second or third day, we have to assume that you got some value out of the class (otherwise why return?). In this case you wouldn’t be eligible for a full refund and we would prorate the class for the amount of time you spent in the class.


Website Weekend and Website Weeknight classes come with one retake at a 50% discount (within 6 months, for the same student), provided a seat is available. All other classes come with a free retake (within 6 months, for the same student) as long is a seat is available. So if you need a refresher, just contact us to schedule.

  MIGHTYminnow Cancellations / Postponements

MIGHTYminnow will run any class for which we have at least three registrations. If not enough people register, we will either reschedule you to the next class or (if you prefer) refund your registration fee.

Because we need to have an accurate head count for classes, we need 72 hours notice if you plan to cancel your attendance in a class. Prior to 72 hours your registration fee is refundable. With less that 72 hours notice, you will have the choice to reschedule the class or get a refund but a 50% penalty will be attached. If you NO SHOW a class without contacting us, no refund will be issued but you will have one chance to reschedule. If you NO SHOW a second time, your registration fee will be forfeit. We hate to be hard-nosed about things, but we have to pay the instructors and having an accurate head count is the only way we can guarantee being able to do that.