MIGHTYminnow offers discounts for folks who are either in-need or doing good works. See if you qualify for a discount below.


MIGHTYminnow supports the work of local nonprofits who spend their time and energy making our communities a better place to live and work. In an effort to make it easier for them to do their work, we offer an across the board nonprofit discount of 10%. Please contact us with proof of your nonprofit status to get the special coupon code.

  Unemployed Individuals

If you are one of the many Bay Area residents who is currently without proper employment, we would like to offer you a discount to help you retool and skills-build to stay competitive. Just contact us and provide proof of unemployment to get the special coupon code for 10% off.

 California Employment Training Panel

If you are an employer wanting to strengthen the competitive edge of your employees and your company, you may be eligible for state sponsored training for your full time employees. Visit the ETP website for more information and to apply.

  Group Discount

If you sign up with a group of four or more students you are eligible for a 10% group discount. Contact us for details.


Website Weekend and Website Weeknight classes come with one retake at a 50% discount (within 6 months, for the same student), provided a seat is available. All other classes come with a free retake (within 6 months) as long is a seat is available. So if you need a refresher, just contact us to schedule.