Visit from Adobe Shadow / Edge Inspect Team!

Bruce Bowman, Kristin Long, Archna Panwar, Shawn McKay, Duane O’Brien

Had a super fun meeting/demo/lunch with Bruce Bowman and the Adobe Edge Inspect (aka Shadow) team! Thanks to them for the awesome tools they make for us, and for being so proactive in finding out what users (like us!) want and need from Adobe. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new tools coming down the pike. They are a great looking group – even if they aren’t perfectly in focus. Darn phone!

Web Freelancers Meetup tonight, with free books from SitePoint!

Check out the awesome selection of books that we are giving away at tonights Bay Area Web Freelancers Meetup! Special thanks to The SitePoint network for contributing them! They have lots of cool businesses that would be of interest to freelancers:

We are looking to unite designers and developers tonight, so if you ARE a designer, or you want to MEET a designer, then come. You might get a free book!!!

Fire on the Bay / Adobe Shadow

Kristin will be presenting a little Adobe Shadow demo at the Fire on the Bay meetup on 8/21 at Adobe. Check it out, and learn more about Adobe Shadow. It is awesome for testing mobile.

Mm’s Successful IndieGoGo Campain

MIGHTYminnow sends out our heartfelt thanks to our friends, clients and former students who recently came together to help us realize our dream of starting a new classroom training facility. It seems like a lot of people believe in us! Learn more about out supporters, or see the page for our completed funding campaign.