Join Mm at the PROPEL Business Growth Program: Entrepreneur Showcase


The event is at Runway Style House in the Cathedral Building ~ seen here from our office window.

For the past few months, MIGHTYminnow’s Kristin Long has been participating in Alliance for Community Development‘s PROPEL Program, which seeks to give Entrepreneurs and Business owners the necessary tools to manage and grow their business. At the Showcase, you will hear the goals of all the entrepreneurs with artisan products and professional services for consumers and other businesses. That includes Kristin! Come out Tuesday April 30th and support the local community, listen to some great companies, and enjoy local food and wine, including Urban Legend Cellars – our FAVORITE!

Workshop Weekend brings Oakland Together

workshop weekendLast Weekend, four local companies around downtown Oakland hosted over 40 different workshops, all coordinated by Gil and J.D. Zamfirescu who started Workshop Weekend. MIGHTYminnow was one host, along with Tech Liminal, Sudo Room, and Moco Art Gallery.

Practically anything you can think of was being taught, from magnets and robots to cake decorating and jewelry making, and most classes allowed kids as young as 8-10 to participate. Even a controversial class on lock picking was offered! The mission of this program, according to the organizers, is to help everyone – young and old – have the opportunity to discover their passion and encourage exploration of passions.

At our MIGHTYminnow office, we had a music video editing class on Saturday morning and a WordPress crash course class in the afternoon. All of the classes are taught by local, passionate instructors with years of experience in their craft. This makes the classes fun and interesting, as the instructors care about you learning as much as you do!

Join their mailing list, which is on the Workshop Weekend homepage on the right side to keep up to date on the next Workshop Weekend!

Website Weekend brings us a little closer to our community

After another successful Website Weekend, we have some new swag to add to our Mm collection! Patrick Schmidt is a recent graduate of Website Weekend and runs a few projects, including Open Clay Project and Open Fine Arts Gallery in Berkeley. He made us some keychains with the Mm logo using a very interesting technique.

The process he used is called millefiori, which was originally known as a glass technique, but is now also associated with polymer clay.

CaneThe first thing he did was construct a “cane,” which is a big prototype of the 2 dimensional design, but as a 3 dimensional shape.

ReducingThen he pressed and pulled the clay to elongate the cane. This is called “reducing.” Some shapes, like circles and triangles, reduce better than others. This is the hard part of the process, as it is very easy to distort the creation.

Slicing the caneWhen the cane was reduced to the size he wanted, Patrick then used a razor blade to thinly cut it into slices. For our keychains, he added them to another piece of clay, then baked them in an oven for half an hour. After the metal key rings are put on, they are done!

keychainsPatrick uses this technique for jewelry, but also as a great educational tool. Chromosomes, DNA, and RNA can be easily visualized when created using this process.

This was such a cool process, and if you want to learn more, Patrick teaches a free class every week at his art gallery in Berkeley. He will also be teaching classes with Make SF and Workshop Weekend, where we first met him and where we also run a class!

He will also be having an art show this coming Saturday, February 2nd from 6-9pm. Try to stop by, say Hello, and learn a little bit more about the art in our community.

Patrick at Open Clay Project

MIGHTYminnow Live from the Bottleneck Café Radio Show!

MikeLucky us, we were featured on Big Mike’s show on Mutiny Radio SF last Wednesday talking about MIGHTYminnow, making websites, rocking it in Oakland, and even swing dancing! A longtime friend, Big Mike hosts The Bottleneck Cafe Radio Show every week spinning Blues, Jazz, & Swing. The interview with Kristin starts at around 35:30 to talk a little about the music, Mm’s clients, and Website Weekend. In the interview, you can hear a more personal twist on what we do, how we got started, and how we got our name. You can also learn about Kristin’s semi-secret second love, Swing Dancing! The second part of the interview starts around 1:14:00.

As Mike describes, Website Weekend is for anyone who has need for a new website and is savvy enough with the computer to check email. If you feel like this is you, be sure to contact us with any questions, and keep updated on any upcoming classes we will be offering by signing up for our newsletter.

Thanks to Big Mike for such a fun opportunity. And mad props for being so damn talented and knowledgable, Mike!

Join Us For Workshop Weekend

Photo curtesy of Workshop WeekendOn Novemeber 10th and 11th, MIGHTYminnow and other venues around Oakland will be hosting over 30 fun classes through Workshop Weekend. (Not to be confused with MIGHTYminnow’s Website Weekend). MIGHTYminnow will be hosting a few classes like physics, animation, and even a WordPress class! Other classes being taught include soap-making, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and programming. These are classes for all ages and interestes, so invite your friends and family and enjoy a weekend of fun and creativity! Visit Workshop Weekend’s website for more information and to register for classes.

For 25% off, use the coupon code MIGHTYMINNOW.

Now go find that one thing you’ve always wanted to learn and sign up before the class fills up!

Won’t let it change us…

Haley & Kristin at MIGHTYminnow Web Studio & School

Haley & Kristin at MIGHTYminnow Web Studio & School

MIGHTYminnow got a little press in Oakland Local, our local electronic rag. It has some fun info on our history as well as some good information on our plans going forward. Check it out!