Custom Design Projects

We Love Small Jobs

The We Love Small Jobs website was designed by Rabbit Factor and built by MIGHTYminnow. We think it turned out great! You might think that a handyman or construction website needs to look very masculine and industrial, but in reality, it’s women who predominantly make the hiring decisions regarding services like home repair. Knowing this allowed us to create a website that was a little prettier and more playful in appearance than you might expect, while still showcasing the high quality construction and repair services of these skilled technicians. We Love Small Jobs has seen a dramatic increase in business since we launched their redesigned website in 2011. We also recommend their services and have hired them ourselves!

There comes a time when you need to upgrade your web presence to improve your visibility. Enter Kristin Long at MIGHTYminnow. Our website was functional but it didn’t represent our company and expertise at our highest level. Kristin took our “do-it-yourself” website and brought it to the professional level that best represents our company. Kristin is not only a web “master,” the level of customer service and follow-through that she provides is unsurpassed. This was especially important because our knowledge of putting together an “A” rated website was minimal at best. Kristin walked us through each step in creating and designing our website. And, she has continued to be a great resource whenever we need to make changes to our site to accommodate our growing and evolving business. I highly recommend using MIGHTYminnow.

Cheryl EWe Love Small Jobs