We Care Solar

We Care Solar

Maternal mortality worldwide accounts for 300,000 deaths a year; 99 percent of these occur in underdeveloped countries. For every maternal death, at least 20 women suffer severe complications from childbirth. We Care Solar’s work reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by providing health workers with reliable lighting, mobile communication, and medical devices using solar electricity. Their durable, plug-and-play Solar Suitcases facilitate timely, safe, appropriate emergency obstetric care and improve outcomes for mothers and newborns.

A fast growing non-profit, We Care’s website was no longer up-to-date and was becoming obsolete and difficult to update. They needed a website to be created quickly and professionally. MIGHTYminnow helped usher a new site into the world on a tight schedule. The site needed to have a visual representation of the impact their Solar Suitcase was having in the world. To demonstrate this MIGHTYminnow created an interactive map showing all of the solar suitcase installations around the globe. The site also serves the users of the suitcase with instructional videos and manuals.

I’m thrilled that I can proudly direct people to our new and improved website. Thank you for your heroic and successful effort.

Laura Stachel
Founder, We Care Solar


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