Patti Rose

Patti Rose, a business and financial coach for women, came to us with a desire to build a website for her business. She signed up for our Website Weekend, but she was unable to come to our offices Oakland and take the class in person. Since we accept one remote student per class – via Google Hangout – we were still able to include her in the class, and this collaboration worked very well. In just a short period of time, Patti figured out the design she wanted for her site, learned how to put the site together, and she can now maintain her new website while her business grows.

Highly Recommended! I have to say, working with Kristin has been the best experience I’ve ever had working with a design professional… Her classes are totally fun. She’s fun and easy to work with. I am definitely keeping her on my team as my go-to web designer.

Patti RoseFinancial Empowerment for Women