Karier Design

Nancy Karier of Karier Design met Kristin a few years ago in a Dreamweaver class that Kristin taught. When she was ready to move her site from Dreamweaver to WordPress (to make it more flexible, up-to-date technology wise, and easier to maintain) she enrolled in our great Website Weekend class. Nancy came to Website Weekend and learned the fundamentals of WordPress while building herself a new website. Following the class she easily loaded in more portfolio pieces and rounded out the content of her new site. With a weekend’s worth of instruction, Nancy was able to make a website that she can add projects and content to painlessly, showcasing her inspring work and letting her get back to what she does best – creating beautiful graphic design.

I had my doubts that I could learn WordPress and get my site up and running after just one weekend, but thanks to MIGHTYminnow’s exceptional instruction and attention, it indeed happened. The small class was structured for optimal learning: Kristin taught WordPress fundamentals while several assistants were available to answer specific individual questions. Their knowledge of web design and programming runs very deep, and I felt that there wasn’t a question that could stump them. In addition, they practiced buddha-like patience with right-brained students such as myself. Kristin followed up with me several weeks after the class to answer a few additional questions prior to going live. I’ve taken many software courses over the years, and this one absolutely ranks highest!

Nancy Karier, Karier Design