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Indiegogo Blog

About 10 minutes after we launched our Indiegogo campaign, Indiegogo reached out to us for help with their blog. We thought “they must have just seen our campaign”, but no, it was fate. That and a referral from another happy customer! We took their own designer’s comps and we crafted them into an image rich blog that showcases current Indiegogo campaigns that are special or noteworthy. Our campaign was even mentioned in one of their “Campaign Roundups“. We love them for their great platform and for empowering people to fund amazing projects easily, and they love us for the great job we did implementing their design, reducing code bloat and increasing the speed of their lovely blog. Mutual admiration society!

Working with Kristin and MIGHTYminnow has been an excellent experience. They acted as a partner at every step along the way and provided the highest quality of work, on time and on budget. I highly recommend their services and look forward to working together with Kristin and MIGHTYminnow team again!

Yan BudmanDirector of Product at Indiegogo