Improv Playhouse of San Francisco

Brittany joined Website Weekend on behalf of Improv Playhouse. As the Community Manager, she was responsible for helping this fledgling improv company gain recognition and enroll students. In order to achieve that, she needed to get a high-quality and professional looking website up quickly. Enter Website Weekend. In two days, Brittany created an effective and engaging web presence with a lot of cool features like full screen background images, Evenbrite event registration, photo galleries and a contact form.

Kristin and the MIGHTYMinnow team are extraordinary teachers. In just 48 hours, I not only learned how to make a website, I actually made one! It was Kristin’s exceptional ability to explain all things website, along with her dynamite teaching assistants that made Website Weekend such an overwhelming success.

Brittany M.Managing Director, Improv Playhouse of San Francisco