Full Circle Doula Group

Full Circle Doula Group came to us with the desire to launch a new website and the willingness to work hard to get it done. We helped them to set up their new web hosting, install WordPress, and prepare for our Website Weekend class. In class they created a great new website, in only two days! Their new website is responsive (it adapts to the sizes of phones and tablets to look good on every device), and it integrates the Google calendar that their team was already using. During class they added a new mailing list and beautiful custom photography. Their business is booming and they couldn’t be happier with their new site!

I love our new website. It is beautiful, functional and easy to use. Just that would be enough to recommend MIGHTYminnow. But creating it was a wonderful experience too. Working with Kristin was a pleasure. She is a great teacher because she is patient, flexible and organized. I highly recommend the website weekend for anyone who wants to have a low cost way to make a website that you can edit yourself and will reflect your unique needs.

LailaFull Circle Doula Group