Friends of the Urban Forest

Friends of the Urban Forest

Friends of the Urban Forest came to us in 2012 to have their website redesigned and redeveloped. Their mission is one that we feel passionately about (urban greening) and their site was an exciting project for us because of our values and also the client’s unique and interesting requirements. We built them a site that does a good job of using photography and color to convey what the organization is about, to inspire a calming feeling, and to communicate their high level of professionalism while still being a community oriented organization.

The biggest challenge in developing the FUF site was the creation of a tree database that allows visitors to sort through trees based the tree’s characteristics to see what tree might be a good fit for a particular San Francisco location or microclimate. Their site also includes special mobile theming, so that the site works well in the field for people who see a tree planted by FUF and who want to get more information about the organization on the fly.

MIGHTYminnow delivers a lot of value for the money, is creative and resourceful in finding solutions to needs and challenges, is good at translating technical issues into plain language, and is responsive to questions and problems.

Ben Carlson
Friends of the Urban Forest


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