Copper River Watershed Project

Copper River Watershed Project

The Copper River Watershed Project promotes a salmon-rich, intact watershed and culturally diverse communities by forming partnerships for watershed-scale planning and projects. They came to MIGHTYminnow with an old HTML site that was both out-of-date and not mobile friendly. We worked with an existing print design as a jumping off point for the design of the new website, integrating an existing water motif and salmon illustrations while making the website look modern and fresh.

One of the unique features of the site is an interactive map where users can contribute their own pictures and stories of the watershed and learn about the history, stories and ecology of the region.

Kristin and her team were so good at walking us through this transition. Their project management approach spells out all the steps so you know what you’re getting into. We learned a lot about current web site practices and MIGHTYminnow continues to be a great resource for making occasional refinements.

Kristin Carpenter
Executive Director, Copper River Watershed Project


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