Custom Design Projects


The California Association for Microenterprise Opportunity (CAMEO) site is a project we love, partly because of our micro-enterprise roots. Having gone from being a freelance endeavor (with little overhead) to a bricks and mortar space with employees and many other commitments, we truly understand the role of micro-enterprise and small businesses in the local economy. The CAMEO site is bright and fun and easy to maintain. In addition to designing and building a WordPress CMS based site for them, we also created a custom member database and Google Maps mashup so that they could easily showcase all of their member agencies.

MIGHTYminnow looks out for the best interests of their clients. They insist that our website looks great, is optimally functional and secure. And CAMEO really appreciates the attentiveness and quick service MIGHTYminnow offers.

Heidi PickmanCalifornia Association of Microenterprise Opportunity