Cable Car Basketball

Cable Car Basketball needed a new site to promote their one-on-one and group basketball training in San Francisco. In our Website Weekend class they created a brand new site from scratch, which gives prospective students and their parents all of the information they need to make decisions about hiring a new b-ball coach. It only took two days to create their new website!

All I can say is wow and thank goodness for MIGHTYminnow. I just started my own small business and needed a website. I decided to take a class to build my site and help better understand how to maintain it in the future. To be honest, I was a little intimidated because I went in not knowing too much. My teacher did an awesome job explaining, teaching, showing me and helping me put everything together. I was so impressed on how personable and helpful she was. I would recommend classes here to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge on basic web design.

Coach LisonCable Car Basketball