Custom Design Projects

AP+I Design

AP+I Design came to us with beautiful photographs showcasing their extraordinary architectural work. We transformed their images into an easy-to-maintain, high-impact website that they can update themselves. They add their new projects, new photo galleries and new staff members with ease, using page layouts we created.

MIGHTYminnow met the challenge of creating a very specifically designed, portfolio website which could be edited very easily. They spent time teaching us how to update the site and created a document tailored to us, on how to update different sections of the site. They were also beneficial in helping us choose a new web hosting company, one that was better suited to our site. The site has been up and running for many months now, with no problems. If we have small questions here and there, MIGHTYminnow has been very responsive.

Julie OpatovskyAP+I Design, Inc.