How to Properly Move the Entire Site Footer in Genesis

We recently had the need to move the entire .site-footer div in Genesis. There are various tutorials out there that suggest using the following code to relocate your footer content: remove_action( ‘genesis_footer’, ‘genesis_do_footer’ ); add_action( ‘new_hook’, ‘genesis_do_footer’ ); However this won’t actually move the entire .site-footer div. On the contrary, it will only relocate the

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New Mm Theme: Trestle

  Trestle A handy boilerplate child theme for serious Genesis developers. Trestle takes a lot of the grunt work out of building sites using the Genesis Framework, providing quick and easy-to-implement solutions to common problems and repetitive tasks. We’ve taken Genesis’ rock-solid foundation, integrated mobile-first CSS, responsive navigation, a full-featured settings panel, and much more. Download. Install.

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Mm Plugin: WP Hotkeys

WP Hotkeys WP Hotkeys provides time-saving keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly navigate the WordPress dashboard. Download Now » WP Hotkeys helps you navigate your dashboard as quickly as possible with fully customizable keyboard shortcuts. After installing WP Hotkeys, you will see the default hotkey hints display in brackets next to each standard menu item

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Meetup Fun and Productivity Tool Roundup

The latest Bay Area Web Freelancers Meetup lived up to its name – “Productivity & Pinot” – with a healthy dose of both. Individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions descended on MIGHTYminnow HQ to share their favorite tools of the trade. Here are some of our favorites: Vimium http://vimium.github.io/ This Chrome browser

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