Our Philosophy

MIGHTYminnow believes in doing business with as much integrity, honesty, community-spiritedness and mindfulness as possible. Some of the ways we do this include:

Being Eco / Green


We use recycled, provide e-books and materials (where possible) instead of printed handouts, and strive to do our purchasing in the most sustainable way.

Supporting Organic/Local Agriculture

It sounds funny to say that a technology company supports community agriculture, but through partnerships with local businesses like the FruitGuys, MIGHTYminnow brings you fresh, local, organic fruit for snacks while studying. We also strive to find organic coffee and tea from local merchants and roasters, as well as providing organic creamers and non-dairy options for your morning (or afternoon) coffee and tea.

Empowering Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Designers & Developers

We believe in being helpful, thoughtful, and providing a great resource for everyone who has or needs a website. We work to empower our clients to maintain and expand their websites, and we work with our students to build solid new skills that give them confidence in creating or improving their web presence. We do this in a non-preachy, patient, accepting, human way, knowing that everyone starts at the beginning and that the best way to learn is by doing.

Operating with Integrity

We don’t just believe in getting customers in the door. We try to make every class, every contract a win-win where all parties come away feeling empowered and valued. We strive to provide you with the best product or the best experience that anyone has to offer. We want to work with clients and students who keep coming back because they had a great experience and because we are knowledgeable, helpful and fun to work with.

Staying on Top of Our Game

We work every day to accumulate knowledge, resources and professional connections that will benefit our clients and students. We work to keep our material fresh, relevant and up to date, and we participate in web conferences and panels (both as teachers and as students) to keep us on top of the developments that can make your website or online presence more effective.

Giving Back

Rocket Dog Rescue

MIGHTYminnow has a long term relationship with Rocket Dog Rescue, having coded three different versions of their site and provided them with ongoing support for many years. We believe in them, “for the love of a dog”. Community

MIGHTYminnow has developed TONS of WordPress plugins and have contributed several to the WordPress Ecosystem which are available on repository for other WordPress developers to use freely.


We have also been long time sponsors/supporters/loyal members of KQED, San Francisco’s public radio station.