Donate Your Old Devices to Our Device Lab


The satisfaction of working and playing on the latest technology is hard to beat, and we love getting new gadgets. But what should you do with the old devices that are being replaced?

We’ve found a way to give those old devices a second life by creating an Open Device Lab at our office in Oakland. We use our Device Lab internally to test all of the client sites that we build, and as a service to all the freelancers out there we’ve opened up our Device Lab so that any developer or designer can come in and test their work on our collection of devices for free.

So far we’ve collected about 10-15 various old iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, Android phones, and Windows Tablets, but our collection is far from complete. If you’re interested in helping out our developers and all the freelancers out there, we would sincerely appreciate the donation of any old devices that you are no longer using.

We’ll gladly take anything you’ve got, and you’ll be helping us in our mission to create websites that are functional on all devices and helping the Bay Area freelancing community. Our Device Lab is currently missing Windows phones, retina display iPhones & iPads, Chromebooks, and newer Android tablets, but every new addition to our Device Lab is an important new way to test our work and we’ll happily accept any device that you’d like to donate.

To donate a device you can use our Device Lab Contact Form or e-mail us at

And if you’re a freelancer and would like to come in and use our Device Lab, please do! We encourage you to reach out to us at any time and take advantage of our Device Lab and the other services that we offer to the web development community.

– MIGHTYminnow


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