Two amazing tools to find and edit images

In our most recent weekly team meeting, one of our minnows pointed out to the team two very awesome tools that will make our lives and our clients’ lives much easier. The first is an image search tool and the second is an image editing tool. Both are online, fast, and best of all – free!

Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons Search is a tool that allows you to search through various image search engines and look for images with licenses that allow you to use them commercially and/or modify, adapt, or build on to them. This is such a great alternative to Google Images because you know that these can be used on your website, for free, and do not have to worry about getting in trouble.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.26.13 AM

Clipping Magic

One technique that is often used when we are building websites is taking an image and removing the background. Clipping Magic is an alternative to the expensive, often confusing to navigate, Photoshop. Simply mark the area that you would like to keep with green and the area you would like to remove with red and in live time, this tool will allow you to take out the background!Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.09.48 AM


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