What is Crazy Egg?

MIGHTYminnow recently came across a service called Crazy Egg. This tool helps you to analyze user interaction for various pages of your website. There is a heatmap (that shows clicks), a scrollmap (that shows how much of the page the user saw), and confetti overlay (to show where people did or did not click and read). We are using a 30 day free trial to evaluate the software (you can too)  and have been using this software for about a week. We will let you know how valuable we found it at the end of our trial! For MailChimp users, you will find it similar to their  campaign analytics feature, where you can view a click map for every campaign you send. The difference is that you use it on your website and it comes with a much more detailed analysis.

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.29.32 AMIn addition to the features above, you can also set up pages for comparison. This would be great if you are A/B testing landing pages for Adwords or looking to make some changes to the user experience on your site.

ScrollmapWe are excited about the 30-day trial, as well as their 90-day guarantee.  After our 30 days are up, we plan to write a follow-up on how this impacted our analytics and our SEO/SEM strategy.  Stay tuned!


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