Oakland City Workers on Strike Along with BART Workers

oakland strikeEveryone in the Bay Area seems to know that BART workers are officially on strike today, July 1st. But it isn’t just the BART workers,  a large portion of the Oakland city government and services are on strike today. This has affected us at MIGHTYminnow headquarters in a few interesting ways:

  • One of the minnows took the ferry to work.  This was fun (as a change of pace) but the normally 35-45 minute commute from SF to Oakland was instead a 2 hour commute using the Muni, Bay Ferry, and Broadway Green Bus.  This minnow is hoping the strike doesn’t last long.
  • We have some additional co-workers today –  people who were unable to find a reasonable way to get into San Francisco from Oakland.  Also fun, we like having fantastic and smart people around!
  • Less fun, it is hard to concentrate on work.  We are right across the street from City Hall and the picketers are right outside our window with whistles and kazoos encouraging the passing motorists to honk in support of the strike.  There is quite a cacophony.
  • The City Center is shut down and many streets are closed off due to the workers’ protests.  This isn’t affecting us now, but it may affect our commute home if the protest is still in the middle of the intersection at 5. We might be stuck at work.  Fun?

Commuters and protesters alike, stay safe out there, and if you can’t find a way to work tomorrow, we have free wifi, fresh fruit and coffee, and really comfy desks and chairs.


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