Free Ben & Jerry’s for the minnows today!

ice cream truckFirst a little back story before we get to the sweet stuff (pun intended): Our building has recently gotten a brand new security system. One of the features is an intercom system that our security guard uses to update us on the latest basketball scores. The real purpose though is to let the building know whether we should take the fire alarm – which goes off quite frequently around here do to all the construction – seriously or not.

Today started off like any normal workday;  lots of emails to answer, problems to solve, and code to write. BUT around 1:30, our work was interupted on the intercom system by our security gaurd for what we assumed was an Athletics update. As it turns out, there was a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck parked right outside our building giving away free frozen greek yogurt! We, along with the rest of the building, rushed down to test out the flavors.

Our Results:

Haley tried the banana and peanut butter frozen greek yogurt. This was a banana flavored yogurt with peanut butter mixed in. It was quite delicious, but the only complaint was that since the banana flavor and the peanut butter were so sweet, the sour yogurt flavor got in the way. Mickey tried the raspberry and chocolate frozen greek yogurt. This was a raspberry flavored yogurt with chocolate pieces mixed in. Since the raspberry was a bit more tart, it mixed much better with the flavor of the yogurt, and who doesnt like chocolate with fruit?! So, Ben & Jerry, if you wanted some input on your new flavors, there you have it!


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