Workshop Weekend brings Oakland Together

workshop weekendLast Weekend, four local companies around downtown Oakland hosted over 40 different workshops, all coordinated by Gil and J.D. Zamfirescu who started Workshop Weekend. MIGHTYminnow was one host, along with Tech Liminal, Sudo Room, and Moco Art Gallery.

Practically anything you can think of was being taught, from magnets and robots to cake decorating and jewelry making, and most classes allowed kids as young as 8-10 to participate. Even a controversial class on lock picking was offered! The mission of this program, according to the organizers, is to help everyone – young and old – have the opportunity to discover their passion and encourage exploration of passions.

At our MIGHTYminnow office, we had a music video editing class on Saturday morning and a WordPress crash course class in the afternoon. All of the classes are taught by local, passionate instructors with years of experience in their craft. This makes the classes fun and interesting, as the instructors care about you learning as much as you do!

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